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Every window is unique. So, the right answer to this question is: it depends on the windows in your home.

We might utilize the Water-Fed Pole System or opt for the Manual approach (often referred to as Traditional Window Cleaning). Let’s delve deeper into both methods.

The Water-Fed Pole System, commonly referred to as WFP, is a telescopic pole equipped with brushes and connected to a hose, supplying purified water. The length and flexibility of the pole allow window cleaners to access windows several stories high without ever leaving the ground.

Anyway, this cleaning method isn’t suitable for certain types of windows (such as old-fashioned style windows). In such instances, manual cleaning is the best way . This approach, requires the use of ladders and special cloths. Request a Quote for your window cleaning, specify the type of cleaning you need and prepare to be amazed!

PS Each window is unique and deserves its own tailored cleaning approach. So, be confident, we will do our best to offer the right kind of cleaning and the Best Quote you never had.

You might wonder, “Will my windows be cleaned to perfection?” or “Which window cleaning method is best suited for my specific needs?” This is where our exceptional customer care steps in. They are dedicated to guiding you through the process, ensuring that all your queries are addressed, and providing seamless follow-up after the window cleaning job.

The foundation of our unparalleled success in window cleaning is our unwavering commitment to consistent communication and customer care. Once the cleaning is complete, our customer care team swiftly connects with you to reaffirm our pledge to quality. With every service, we back our work with a 48-hours. This warranty provides our clients with total peace of mind.

It’s this rigorous attention to detail, combined with our proactive communication, that truly sets us apart and ensures our customers’ satisfaction. Put us to the test; Click the button down below!

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Could Water FED Pole System work for your windows?

Window Cleaning is our main service

Yes, if your window frames aren’t too fragile, it might work. However, it primarily depends on two factors:

  • The amount and quality of purified water used.
  • The time and effort dedicated to cleaning the frames.

These two elements, when combined, ensure the avoidance of unsightly “dirty water droplets” post-cleaning. By delivering meticulous and professional service, within less than an hour, all the purified water drops will evaporate from your window, leaving only crystal-clear glass behind. 

If this isn’t the case, don’t worry, you can rely on our double-warranty!

How does the Water Fed Pole System work?

Shiny Windows in 3 Easy Steps with Water FED Pole System:

  1. Arrival & Setup: Our skilled technicians pull up in a van equipped with purified water tanks and extendable poles. This setup lets them reach windows up to four floors high – safely. 
  2. Deep Clean: Using deionised water and a special brush, they tackle dirt, grime, and those stubborn marks on your windows. The brush glides over frames and glass, ensuring every nook and cranny is addressed.
  3. Protective Rinse: A final spray of purified water washes away the loosened dirt. This not only leaves your window gleaming but also forms a protective layer, keeping them cleaner for longer
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Why choose us? Here are 6 good reasons:

  1. Swift Quotes: Grab your free estimate quickly, click on the button below!
  2. Budget-Friendly: Fixed prices with flexible service time. Combine Window Cleaning with Driveway Cleaning or Gutter cleaning for extra savings.
  3. Booking Made Easy: Pick your convenient slot via call, email (info@windowcaring.co.uk), or filling our Quote request form.
  4. Eco-Friendly Approach: We clean using purified water — no chemicals, no streaks. Plus, we clear out old detergent residues.
  5. Fully Insured: Beyond our Public and Employers Liability insurances, we’re proud Window Cleaners Alliance members.
  6. Your Satisfaction First: We’re committed to your satisfaction, backed by our 48-hour warranty.

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