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WindowCaring Founders: Claudio and Cristina.

Fancy to know the story behind the exceptional growth of WindowCaring? Meet Claudio and Cristina, the passionate duo who revolutionized window cleaning with a touch of Italian charm.

Their journey began amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of Sicily, Italy. Tied in love since 2005, this dynamic couple has always thrived on collaboration. Their guiding principle has been simple yet profound: “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” This ethos was not just confined to their personal life but seeped into every professional venture they undertook.

Claudio and Cristina’s pursuit of excellence led them to England, where they undertook a pivotal role as window cleaners for a prominent cleaning company servicing giants like TESCO. However, a yearning for freedom gnawed at them – the freedom to set unparalleled quality standards in Window Cleaning.

The Dawn of our Cleaning Company

Company Born, Spring 2019: The foundation of our company was laid in April 2019, with a primary focus on window cleaning. It was our first step into professional cleaning, and we were determined to set the bar high right from the outset.

Expanding Horizons: By the fall of 2020, we introduced Gutter Cleaning to our repertoire, harnessing the innovative Vacuum Gutter Cleaning System. The following year, in 2021, we diversified further by offering Patio/Driveway Cleaning, utilizing state-of-the-art Jetwashing techniques. The evolution didn’t stop there; by 2023, we proudly added Carpet Cleaning to our service offerings.

As the number of our clients swelled, so did our team. Giuseppe joined us to cater to our Kent clientele, and Yianni came on board for North London. One thing remained constant throughout these transitions and expansions: our undying passion for quality.

Window Cleaning is our main service

Is there a magic recipe behind WindowCaring’s outstanding success? For Claudio and Cristina, it’s all about the heart and dedication they pour into each task. Beyond mere financial gains, their true motivation lies in their profound commitment to their clients. Their philosophy is simple yet profound: treasure and uphold the trust customers place in them.

Thus, they confidently offer a 48-hour Warranty for most services and a 6-month warranty for Gutter Cleaning. Intrigued by their ethos and commitment? Request a swift, free quote today!

WindowCaring secret

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